This is a list of characters that will be featured in Cars:IGNITE. As this is only intended for keeping track of characters that are officially confirmed by the sole developer Swartz27, please do not add any entries to this list that do not meet the criteria mentioned.

Additionally, all entries must have a source to back it up. This is to make sure that no unofficial characters end up on the list.


  • Lightning McQueen (source) - Playable character in the first release of the game; his 3D model was showcased, later appeared being played as in Pre-Alpha Clip.
  • Tow Mater (source) - Role unknown; his 3D model was shown.
  • Sally Carrera (source) - Role unknown; but no pictures or footage is available currently.
  • Luigi (source) - Opponent in events; his model was shown, later appeared as Lightning's opponent in the Pre-Alpha Clip.
  • Sarge (source) - "Main storyline character" (there is some confusion among the community regarding the meaning of this. It could potentially mean either "a character in the main storyline" or "the main character of the storyline". Further clarification would be much appreciated); 3D model was shown.